Reduce Your Public Cloud Spend with Silk

Are your public cloud costs spiraling out of control? We can help cut them by 30%. Silk's Cloud Data Platform reduces the cost of data while increasing application performance. Check out these great resources for more information.

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Discover how Silk can save you 30% on your public cloud costs in this video

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Blog Post

Deep-dive into how Silk can help you save 30% or more on your public cloud costs

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Tune in to this webinar recording to learn how to decrease public cloud costs

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Gartner Research

Download this Gartner report on how data mobility can unlock public cloud cost savings

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TechTarget Guide

Reduce costs and complexity when moving mission-critical applications to the public cloud

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Case Study

Discover how TPG Software was able to see 30x cost savings with Silk

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Discover how to reduce the costs of managing mission-critical applications in the public cloud

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Your AWS bill doesn't need to break the bank. Discover how to reduce your spend.

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